Sonic Plus Water Treatment System Restor

Sonic Plus Water Treatment System Restoring Water Quality in a Lake 

The Sonic Plus water treatment system is a proprietary, patent pending, portable standalone water treatment device that uses sonication technology to enhance water quality and reduce aquatic toxicity. This technology organically restores impacted water bodies and holds the potential of replacing the current practice of applying harmful chemical shock treatment to water. 


The Sonic Plus is a flow through device that recirculates water through the unit and discharges the treated water back into the soil, groundwater table or surface water body.  This technology can be used to restore the water quality in lakes, streams, and ground water aquifers.  During the past several years, the Sonic Plus has been demonstrated to reduce elevated levels of Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in surface water, conserve irrigation water usage, increase crop production, enhance livestock hydration, produce more farm animal offspring, increase milk quantity and quality, and improve the overall health to livestock.

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